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With our extensive experience, A1 Auto knows that success in the used vehicle industry is all about trust. This is why we know it doesn’t help either party if your vehicle purchase leaves you stuck on the side of the road two months later, or if your monthly instalments become unaffordable.

We only offer warranty-protected vehicles we’ve personally tested, and make sure we find a vehicle and financing option that matches your budget.

So don’t bother shopping around for your next used-vehicle purchase.
Just give A1 Auto a call.


The Monthly Repayment will be: R 0.00

Finance Ammount: R 0.00

Total paid over contract period: R 0.00

Balloon Payment: R 0.00
Vehicle Purchase Price: Repayment period: Deposit:
Balloon Payment: Anticipated interest rate:

Disclaimer: All calculations made on this calculator, together with rates quoted, are guidelines only and subject to confirmation at the time of finalising any transaction with your preferred vehicle financing company.





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